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1Sound Volume Hotkeys  v.1.0Multimedia / MiscellaneousFreeFreeware373 Kb
2Sound Volume ActiveX Control  v.1.0Development / Miscellaneous$40.00Shareware0 Kb
3Sound Volume ActiveX OCX SDK  v.1.0Development / Miscellaneous$40.00Shareware11 Kb
4VISCOM Sound Volume ActiveX OCX SDK  v.3.33Development / ActiveX$50.00Shareware4.07 Mb
5OC Volume  v.1.0Audio / Utilities & PluginsFreeFreeware19 Kb
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1Sound Volume ActiveX Control  v.1.0Development / Miscellaneous$40.00SharewareDetail

SoundVolumeis tiny control sound volume ActiveX control that support control Master Volume, Wave, CD Audio, Line In, Microphone, Phone Line, PC Speaker, SW Synth volume. Control Sound Volume( Master Volume, Wave, CD Audio, LineIn, Microphone, Phone

0 Kb
2Volumouse  v.1.31Multimedia / Image EditorsFreeFreewareDetail

Adjust the volume of your speaker with the wheel of your mouse.

37 Kb
3Xmart Volume for Mac OS  v.1.3Utilities / System ToolsFreeFreewareDetail

If you are listening to music on the earphone, Xmart Volume may help you turn down the music volume for a conversation. And then restore the music volume when the conversation finished. Perfect for “lazy” music lover! Xmart Volume

1024 Kb
4SoundWheel  v.1.2Desktop / Miscellaneous$12.95SharewareDetail

Sound Wheel is a custom volume control. Press a hot key, and your mouse wheel becomes a volume control. The tray icon indicates the current volume level. Choose your own hot key and wheel sensitivity

496 Kb
5AudioApp  v.1.02Utilities / MiscellaneousFreeFreewareDetail

Alternately mutes and un-mutes your system sound

10 Kb
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1Automatically Measure Sound Level Software  v.7.0Audio / Streaming Audio$19.99Shareware2.79 Mb

auto log microphone volume, get mic loudness, decibels, sound volume, record volume, how loud over time, interval, how loud is the audio, assign number to loudness, at intervals, noise levels, sound meter, monitoring, sound level

2Audio Control  v. / Streaming AudioFreeFreeware11.55 Mb

audio control, audio volume control, volume control, windows volume control, save screen space, easy device access, system, mixer, sound, sound control, sound volume control, system sound control

3DKVolume-Touch  v. / Music ManagementFreeFreeware29 Kb

computer volume, speaker volume, sound, sound volume, mute, unmute

4Increase or Decrease Volume Of Multiple MP3 Files Software  v.7.0Audio / Rippers & Encoders$19.99Shareware7.55 Mb

increasing mp3s, decreasing mp3 volumne, sound level of mp3 files, vol, audacity, change, changing, volume boost, audio, booster, enhance, high, higher, low, lower, lowered, heightened, lame, ringtone, sound

5CheVolume  v. / System Tools$19.99Shareware30.66 Mb

audio devices, sound control, sound, sound outputs, sound output, volume, control, mixer, audio, sound management

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